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arts Plaza

Owned and developed by the Freeport Art Museum, the Arts Plaza is a vibrant civic space in downtown Freeport that couples community engagement with art and cultural activities.

The Arts Plaza is a vital element of a comprehensive new vision for the future of the Freeport Art Museum and the role of the arts in our community.

We envision establishing an arts campus in the downtown district that will become a dynamic cultural hub for the community and provide for the future physical space needs of the Art Museum, greatly adding to the economic revitalization of the area.

Stage cropped.jpg

The plaza includes a multi-use, elevated stage that can accommodate several different types of performance, including music, theater and dance, and is versatile enough to host special presentations such as film festivals. The image to the left is a concept photo for the stage and the center and right photos show the finished outcome. 


A splash pad offers residents and tourists a refreshing recreational installation that can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. The splash pad opened for the first time in 2021 and has provided another way for the community to gather, interact, and have fun. 


A large gateway sculpture, marking the corner entrance at Douglas Street and Chicago Avenue, is designed to be a monumental interactive work of art that serves as both an iconic passageway and donor recognition wall.


The art screen will serve as a space for temporary art displays and large scale announcements for upcoming events or exhibitions.

Bridge Beyond Time photo.jpg

Maureen Hearty's Renew

Corrina Sephora's Bridge Beyond Time: Past, Present, and Future

Concept image 

FAM envisioned unique sculptures created by artists from across the nation to enhance the meaning of the space, inspire creativity and celebrate Freeport’s distinct history. Since Paint the Port 2021, this vision became a reality with the installation of two sculptures. 


Constructed of low maintenance steel and weather-resistant fabric for shade, the pergola at the Chicago Ave entrance is both eye-catching and functional.

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